Travel sounds … Audio Travel Story

Travel sounds… as a journey in your mind! A Travel – Freedom – Blog to listen, look and feel for people with and without handicaps. Get inspiration and tips for accessible unique experiences in Europe and worldwide! Come with me to a journey in your mind! Enjoy Audio travel stories with music and sounds, photos, videos, factsheets, quotes and poems, infos about accessibility and much more …

Travel sounds… Travelling sounds like freedom, like happiness, like light-heartedness… A travel – freedom- blog to listen, to watch and to feel for people with and without handicaps. With tips and informations for disability accessable experiences in Europe and worldwide.

Journeys in your mind… not only watch photos and read texts, no! For journeys in your mind you need fantasy, pictures arising in your head, the feeling that you are there, to be a part of the journey by voice, sounds and music.

Disability access… Sometimes our mentally dreams are limited by physical borders, physical barriers do not allow some of us to experience journeys, which are a funny walk for others. But there are so many wonderful places on this earth which can be visited and discovered nevertheless. I want to encourage you to live and travel as free as possible, no matter if you have a handicap or not!

If you have any questions about my blog, my trips or how to realize them, don´t hesitate to contact me!

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