I’m a poet. My business? Writing …

Who am I? I am a poet.

My business? Writing.

How do I live? I live.

Come with me to a journey in your mind and meet Rudolfo and Mimi. In the opera “La Boheme” and the song “Che gelida manina” Rudolfo introduces himself:

I love this wonderful opera song, but most of all I love the lyrics. In my view it’s one of the most beautiful self-introduces, because even there are difficulties in life, the power of our own’s creativity, the human power of invention, our ability to build castles in the air …

How cold your little hand is!
Let me warm it for you.
What’s the use of searching?
We’ll never find it in the dark.
But luckily
there’s a moon,
and she’s our neighbour here.
Just wait, my dear young lady,
and meanwhile I’ll tell you
in a word who and what I am.
Shall I?
(Mimi is silent.)
Who am I? I’m a poet.
my business? Writing.
How do I live? I live.
In my happy poverty
I squander like a prince
my poems and songs of love.
In hopes and dreams
and castles-in-air
I’m a millionaire in spirit.
But sometimes my strong-box
is robbed of all its jewels
by two thieves: a pair or pretty eyes.
They came in now with you
and all my lovely dreams,
my dreams of the past,
were soon stolen away.
But the theft doesn’t upset me,
since the empty place was filled
with hope.
Now that you know me,
it’s your turn to speak.
Who are you? Will you tell me?


Who am I? So you listen ...
Who am I? So you listen …

So, whats’s your name? Do you know the master of the operas, who is sitting there? Do you know his name and the name of the city in which he hub? At present I’m creating a new “journey in your mind” to a wonderful, charming and historic city … Can you guess what is is? I look forward to your tips!

If you would like to know more about Puccini and his life-connection with Lucca, I recommend this story about Puccini and his life:

Mio nome: Puccini – Mia città: Lucca

And if you would like to go on a journey in your mind to the lovely city Lucca you can come with me and experience some unique highlights:

climb a (city-) wall and enjoy the view

7 Comments Add yours

  1. writings says:

    🙂 Puccini – in Lucca? Great little city 😉


    1. Hello writings! Thank you for your visit and your great tip! I hope it’s OK that I give the answer with my story next week? 🙂 would be great to meet you again!! I wish you a nice weekend, yours Travel sounds

      Liked by 1 person

      1. writings says:

        Of course! I was just so excited that the picture brought back such strong memories! I’ve had some great paninis and espressos in that square!

        Btw. I also visited his house around the corner – and saw the piano where he composed Nessun Dorma! Big moment!! 😀


      2. Yes, thats true! 🙂 I love this square too, I’m glad that my photo remind you about a wonderful moment! I wanted to visit his house in torre del Lago, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance… Maybe next time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi celesteng244!Nice to meet you! Thank you for your visit and your comment! What do you think? Do you have an idea about the city? Yours Travel sounds


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