LUCCA: Top 10 highlights for all … Enjoy with all your senses

Enjoy with all your senses – in Lucca it proceeds particularly easily . A “go for a stroll”- city, with medieval flair, special green oases, culinary delights, unique for the mind and art lovers, a glorious history and so much atmosphere that you can almost feel it.

Come with me and follow me on my way through Lucca, to the most beautiful and interesting places, invite all visitors, whether young and old, thick and thin, visually impaired and Seeing, Deaf and Hearing, sitting in a wheelchair and walking, and all other to enjoy and will amaze them…

For orientation a great map in which all points of interest are shown: (The red lines are my way)

Stadtplan Lucca mit Tour

Here the map to download and print the list of attractions:

Map La Mura as PDF

Touristic webpage of Lucca with all informations

Arriving: Lucca is perfectly accessible by public transport, the bus and train station is just a few minutes walk to the “Porta San Pietro”, one of the 6 city gates through which one enters through the city walls. By car, the footpaths remain the same as the old town is car free (except for residents) and the large parking areas are also located outside the city walls. The parking areas are shown in the map above.

Enjoy Lucca with all senses:

I would not review the sights because everyone feels different about importance or beauty… The numbering is ordered after my path (the number 1 actually  would be the station  ;o) )

  1. green oasis high above the old town: “La Mura” – the planted city wall
    Lucca city wall from the outside, an impressive bulwark!

    A 4.2 km long promenade, high above the old town, around the numerous towers of Lucca … Cosy strolling under a green canopy – since the entire city wall is planted as a tree-lined avenue and offers so even in high summer shade and relaxation. In the middle runs a paved road next to wide gravel paths. The wall is accessible from several points and also with a wheelchair or stroller a worthwhile viewpoint and unique highlight. More information on:

  2. Magic of colours and  a palace of fragrance: the garden of Palazzo Pfanner
    The Palazzo Pfanner and its wonderful garden

    Flowers in all shapes and colors, the scent of roses, laurel hedges and citrus plants, a splashing fountain, lush lawn and wide gravel paths – all in all a garden for the senses to enjoy … More information:

  3. an optical highlight: the mosaic Portal of Basilica San Frediano
    The mosaic on the facade of San Frediano is impressing

    The Romanesque church of San Frediano has since 1957 the honorary title of a Minor Basilica. The special is the mosaic on a simple surface facade. The mosaic shows “the Ascension” and radiates golden when it is illuminated by the morning sun (because the facade does not go to the west but to the east, because of the city wall). But even in the dark, when the facade is lit by spotlights, the mosaic is particularly good to see. More information:

  4. culinary temptations and fruity wines in Piazza dell’Anfiteatro
    Piazza dell’Anfitheatro has the shape of the old Roman Theatre

    A pleasure for eyes and palate  … In the closed oval of the Roman amphitheater, there are numerous cozy cafes, trattorias, Ristorante and bars. It is really comfortable to sit outside, but I would like to recommend a visit to a restaurant inside ! The buildings are built on the foundations of the old Roman amphitheater and the old stone walls, small rooms with rustic wooden stairs and floors, wall decorations and even the whole ambience invite you on a culinary journey. The Tuscan specialties taste really delecious , and of course you also have to taste the one or other glass of Chianti … This is pure pleasure for the mind and the soul, for the palate and the nose and the eyes and ears – Italian hospitality inclusive …

  5. Feel the beating heart of Lucca: in the old streets history is alive
    The old streets of Lucca have a special charm

    The ancient walls of Lucca live! If you listen carefully and look closely, maybe even move your hand over crumbling stone walls or rough plaster, you notice an old lantern or a slate door floor, then you can hear, see and feel Lucca’s story everywhere in the narrow streets. The streets wind their way, sometimes bumpy or slippery, in some it smells – in others it stinks, laundry is dried over the windows and possibly drips on you, squeaky doors and cookware rattles … A romantic maze of different kind …

  6. White glory and a magnificent place: the Piazza and Church of San Michele in Foro
    San Michele in Foro

    The church of San Michele in Foro radiates formally in white glory and at its eponymous square, which still has the shape of a Roman forum, you can enjoy the perfect Italian Dolce Vita experience. Sitting on the steps of the church, watching the activity on the square and the surrounding cafes, enjoying a snack … A wonderful setting for a break …

  7. Famous photo motif and a festival for the ears: Giacomo Puccini and his music
    May I introduce myself?

    Lucca and the most famous son of the city, Giacomo Puccini are connected by a very own story. The master of the great operas like Tosca, La Boheme and Madame Butterfly was not a beloved son, the city became aware late the importance of Puccini’s work for Lucca. But now you can meet the Maestro almost in person, he sits as a bronze statue in front of his birthplace and welcomes guests who want to experience the museum about his life and works. The statue is a famous photo point, his birthplace interesting and informative and his works can be experienced live in a permanent festival … The festival “Puccini e la sua Lucca” presents every evening at 19:00 in the church “San Giovanni” high-profile live concerts of Puccini’s works, but special in many other appointments performances and interpretations. A unique opportunity to experience an opera in a beautiful environment in the hometown of the Creator! More information: The museum in the birthplace and the Puccini Festival “Puccini e la sua Lucca”

  8. Market feeling and Italian delicacies in Piazza Napoleone
    Piazza Napoleone or Piazza Grande? No matter, enjoying is easy there …

    The Piazza Napoleone is actually also called Piazza Grande, and for a good reason … In every point: “grande” is not only the extent of the square or the Ducal Palace, “grande” is also the range of culinary and refreshing delights and under shady plane trees or the number of stalls at the repeatedly weekly held markets, which also present a “grande” range of authentic Italian delicacies from the region, or pretty and decorative crafts. Stroll, degustation, tasting, haggling … – Treat heart, what do you want? Maybe only just a “grande” purse, because there would be to buy as much good and beautiful …

  9. A pilgrimage and adequate shelter for: The Cathedral of Lucca and his “Holy Face”
    The Cathedral of Lucca, St. Martin protects its sanctuary

    The Cathedral of San Martino is not only interesting because of its appearance (it was built on the model of the cathedral of Pisa) but especially interesting for its interior. Friends of architecture, art, history, art history or simply friends of beautiful and special things will find their joy in this cathedral . But one detail also impresses people who normally are not interested in religious, historical monuments: the “Volto Santo” – the “Holy Face”. More what it’s all about, you will learn in my travel story about Lucca in Part 2 (below) or under

  10. The landmarks of Lucca: the Torre Guinigi and its trees
    A fantastic view under trees

    The climb is arduous, 230 steps to climb, even if they are built of stone and very pleasant as a stairwell, you should be physically fit or at least insert repeatedly breaks anyway. But when you reach the spire, then you know why you have taken these hardships on you! The view from Torre Guinigi’s nice, but the same it would be from the opposite Torre delle Ore … No, the reason which makes this tower so special are its Holm oaks, old and gnarled in their troughs they green the observation deck. A tower with canopy – that is really unique … For me the Torre Guinigi was the best highlight of Lucca, so I have dedicated the title of the second part of my travel story to the trees of the old men …

If you now have got the desire to experience these highlights of Lucca by yourself but you could not travel to Tuscany just at the moment, then I invite you! On a journey in your mind … Thoughts are free – so join me on my way through Lucca to the best places, to rustling trees, bubbling fountains, loudly disputing Italians, medieval atmosphere and … oh, but just let me carry you away …

A journey in your mind through Lucca: Part 1:

“Life teaches us: to overcome obstacles, to collapse walls, to bridge holes … ” But you also can –

climb a (city-)wall and enjoy the view

A journey in your mind through Lucca: Part 2:

Happiness is like a sunbeam

Or to sit under trees upon a tower

A visit to Giacomo Puccini:

Puccini Posso presentarrmi
Posso presentarmi? May I introduce myself?

Mio nome: Puccini – Mia cittá: Lucca

So, come with me on a journey in your mind – we hear and see and read us :o) I would be very happy to welcome you again on one of my trips! Until the next journey in your mind of Travel sounds … Yours, Lara

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