Travel sounds… like gratitude

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Hey my dear readers and listeners! I’m really glad and honored about everyone of you and I always try to create new content, photos, stories and Audio files for you.

I love it if you love it and I’m sharing my memories, impressions and experience because I love to tell stories… I love to take you with me on a journey in your mind by some pieces of myself – by my heart, my senses, my feelings and last but not least by my voice. My stories often enclude video ‘s or Songs and I try to tell so many stories as possible by voice, music and sounds in Audio files – my “Travel sounds Audio Travel Stories. “

Thank you so much for your time to read or Listen to my stories! Thank you for your comments and your feedback, for your personal interacting and to give me the possibility and the trust to get in contact with you!

I wish you many great experiences and good friends to share your stories with them 😃  Best wishes until next time! Yours, Lara

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