About me

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Hello people out there!

How should I introduce myself? I think, hard facts about me are not so important…

But important for me is, how I am… How I became the person I am now. Important for me are my history, my experiences, my memories and my feelings I match with these.

Since my youth I´m very weak sightened and with the age of the early 30ies  I´m always in danger to get completely blind. I know, how it feels to be not allowed to do things or to can`t do the things you like to, how it feels to be left out and people are looking at you like you have a big pimple on your nose. And I know how difficult it is, if all our possibilities to communicate are more and more getting visual.

But I have a dream: I love this world, I love nature, I love villages, towns, museums, lonely landscapes and humans and I want to see and learn as much as possible of our beautiful planet.
But not only see, also feel, hear, (get in) touch, smell, taste, I mean: live my life with all my senses!
My memories I´d like to share with all of you, who are interested, but not only visual. I´ll create “journeys in your mind”. But especially I want to encourage all people with or without disabilities to live their dreams!

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  1. Really nice blog 🙂 Where are you from? And what is the best place you have ever been?

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    1. Hi Daniela! Thank you so much for your hello and your feedback, I’m really glad that you like my posts and your interest! 😃 I really like to answer your question, altough it’s not easy 😉 I am from Austria, in the middle of Europe and blessed to be able to reach so many of interesting and wonderful places in Europe within a few hours travelling by train. I distinguish in different Personal categories of my loved places. First my personal memories and feeling are connected strong with the wonderful town Prague. The next category for me are dramatic or impressive landscapes like the Cinque Terre or the Tuscany Hills. The same I love historic and cosy villages like San Gimignano in Tuscany or Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany. And there are places which are breathetaking and monumental like looking around from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, standing between the Temples of Paestum and the house of Pompeji or Walking through the St. Peters Cathedral in Vatikan. And there are the places where I immediately wanted to stay longer because it felt like coming home as on the island Capri (in the evening when the masses of Tourists left the island in peaceful and quiet beauty)
      I’m looking forward to reading from you again and hope we’ll meet again on our blogs 😃 best wishes, yours Lara

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      1. Hi Lara! Wow that sounds amazing! Would you mind me emailing you? Where is the Island Capri? 😮 it sounds amazing! I would absolutely love to go to Prague! Ive always wanted to go! And Tuscany! You really have been to the most amazing places! Id love to talk a little more over email if that is okay?

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      2. Hey Daniella, of course is it okay! 😃 I appreciate talking with you and I’m looking forward to getting your Email! On the menu of my blog is under “About” – “Contact” the point: Contact me with an automatic Contact Form. Please send me a message, I”ll get it per Mail and answer you personally. This way we don’t have to publish our Email adresses , right? 😉 See you!


  2. Rashminotes says:

    Lovely blog! Look forward to reading many of your posts!

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    1. Hi Rashminotes! Thank you for taking your time to read my blog! I’m really glad you like it and hope, we’ll meet again on our blogs! 🙂 best wishes for you, yours Travel sounds


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