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I have an idea:  I want to offer useful but also entertaining content about disability access, travelling despite handicaps, tell stories about destinations which are special and  disability access friendly, give advice how to realize your own trips and nevertheless make our beautiful world a bit more conveniant and friendly for people with handicaps.


I create a blog with audio travel stories about disability accessable destinations in Europe and worldwide and want to encourage people with and without handicaps to travel despite difficulties.
My Audio stories are created like “a journey in your mind” with voice, music, sounds and poetic words which helps to see the scenery in your inner eye. I try to build my blog as disability access friendly as possible, helpful and useful for all handicapped people, no matter if they need wheelchairs, if they are visually handicapped, deaf or have other disablities.

I don`t want to earn money, it’s not a job for me, it’s my personal interest and passion. But I want to offer my Audio travel stories as much people all over the world as possible, I want to offer all contents, media files and espacially my audio stories for free and I would be really happy and honored if my idea find supporters.

If you like my content and my stories, I would be really blessed, if you take part of it! There are different possibilities:

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Contact me for further questions:

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Thank you so much and I wish you many great experiences!

Yours sincerly

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